Introducing Wi-Fi 6 also known as 802.11ax

Introducing Wi-Fi 6 also known as 802.11ax

Wi-Fi has evolved since 21 September 1998 when it was first invented.

Through the years, the technology has evolved, revolved and iterated different spectrum, frequencies, speed and distances.

As it evolved, the IEEE has continuously brought as faster and more resilient wireless technology but one thing it has not done is provided a consumer friendly naming standard. But that is changing.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that there will be a new naming convention and manufacturers have already started rolling them out. It already has caused some confusing but like most things. It is for the best in the long run.

New Name IEEE Standard Year launched
Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax 2020* 
Wi-Fi 5 802.11ac 2014
Wi-Fi 4 802.11n 2009
Wi-Fi 3 802.11g 2003
Wi-Fi 2 802.11a 1999
Wi-Fi 1 802.11b 1999

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