Only shortcuts you should take in life are in Windows

Only shortcuts you should take in life are in Windows

As a PC user for well over 25 years, I have discovered that it is general knowledge that the better you get at using your Windows computer, the more productive you will become.

The more effective you want to be in your daily tasks is all dependent on some minor tweaks on how you use the keyboard.

Using is a touchscreen is becoming more popular but it’s not something that you will see power users adopt. Not now, not in the future. I think it’s just not a preferred way to interface - especially when sitting on a desktop / office environment. Perhaps if you are on a Surface notebook and sitting just 50cm’s away from it.

But that again - it won’t improve your productivity overall since you are limited by the screen space you have. Usually around 10 or 12 inches

Windows 10 is by far the best revolution of Windows. Not only from a user experience perspective but also from a power user and shortcuts point of view.

I have attached a document of the most useful shortcuts. Feel free to download and share with your colleagues.

You can download the PDF file here;

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