Pi anyone? Raspberry Pi could be your next home PC

Pi anyone? Raspberry Pi could be your next home PC

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized compute device that can be used for anything.

Priced at under $200. Raspberry Pi is the ultimate device used by professionals to create and test hardware and software tools to work with. 

Each devices comes standard with 2 HDMI ports for dual monitor connections. 4 USB ports for Hard Drive and other device connectivity. WiFi and Bluetooth is built in as standard. There is of course the trusty old 3.5mm jack for headphones or speakers. The RAM and CPU varies based on your budget and requirements. Micro SD card reader is also there for the installation and boot purposes. In some instances you may also require a Ethernet port which is also onboard. 

The preferred Operating System is Raspbian which is a flavour of Debian for Raspberry Pi. All Pi’s run FOSS - Free Open Source Software. 

If you are new to the world of Pi. The first few projects you might want to work with are;

  1. OSMC - Open Source Media Center
  2. Chromium - Web Browser for Linux
  3. RetroPie - play old arcade games
  4. Motion - Surveillance security cameras
  5. Things Gateway - make your home smart
  6. TouchSelfie - Photo-booth for weddings and parties 

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