Tools and resources to help you survive during Corontine

Tools and resources to help you survive during Corontine

As the world experiences unprecedented times - nearly all 7 billion humans are faced with one common issue. COVID-19. 

    Governments around the world are asking us to stay home. Work if you can from home. Study from home. Don’t go out. Don’t worry panic. Don’t touch anyone. And most importantly do wash your hands constantly and properly. Put yourself in quarantine during corona time, Corontine.

    Google yesterday used their homepage logo to promote the physician Ignaz Semmelweis who told us that washing our hands is vital.

    Microsoft has seen 40% growth Microsoft Teams take up in just one week. Now over 91% of organisations are using Teams to work from wherever they are. 

    Cisco and Zoom have offered free access to their online meeting platforms to help businesses host webinars and meetings remotely.  

    Local governments and federal governments are trying to act as fast as they can to ensure customer sentiments are positive. Budgets, loans and stimulus packages are coming out thick and fast. So make sure you are keeping abreast of it by following their directions.

    If you are doing WFH, SFH or just self isolating - with your partner and kids checkout some of the following FREE resources that can help utilise your time:-


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